Great Exchanges Untold.

I had an idea after finishing a book by Edmund Morris called “The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt”. What if Roosevelt had met other men and women that I admired? What if they sat in a coffee shop and had a conversation about all they had done and seen? So I want to start something about great people in history sitting down to have a conversation about their lives. Sometimes I think things will be heated, sometimes healing, and other times it’s just for a laugh. These will be short. Sometimes long. Either way, I hope you enjoy this first conversation between Earnest Hemingway and Theodore Roosevelt.

“write something – anything as long as its true and honest” said Hemingway

The loud and boisterous Roosevelt belted a gigantic booming laugh from across the table in return to the statement made by his guest of the evening.

“Im not quiet sure why youre laughing, Teddy.” (Roosevelt hated this nickname) Hemingway said

At that Roosevelt ceases his laughter, stood up, and shouted – “up now Hemingway, you dry hack!”

Both men pushed back from the table and began to fight, but not in the way you would expect. They went at each other full force with tales, yes, tales. Wondrous stories of all the manly things they had done. Who did them better? Who killed the biggest beast? Who had married the prettiest girls. These two personalities were clashing like the titans of old.

This is just the beginning of the interactions between these two great men. Eternity has it’s hands full enough with the conversations that will be held between them.

Published by Nate Melugin

This is a creative outlet for me to get out the things that rattle around constantly in my mind.

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