Forgotten Thoughts from my Typewriter

People spend their entire lives looking for the perfect moment

When we’re children we dream of adulthood, looking for the future as if it’s gone somewhere without us.

One day we wise up, start forgetting the past, living in the now, and resolve to praying for the future.

In life we encounter conflict, we wonder if things will ever get better

We writr our goals and hope to God with clenched fists they happen,
But you cant work with closed hands.

In the midst of our dreams we feel like we are in limbo

Hanging between where we are and where we want to be.

We feel invisible, non existent, replaceable, it’s as though people look at us, see a mist or a fog and keep moving.

The feeling of being lonely and empty is like a church with no people, without people around us who are we?

Relationships will make you feel like you have found your place.

You’ve never felt so wanted and needed and you wonder after all this time,

why you’ve never taken the moment to acknowledge who you are and what you have.

Published by Nate Melugin

This is a creative outlet for me to get out the things that rattle around constantly in my mind.

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